Landmark Deeds Award for Public Service

The awards are presented annually to public figures who demonstrate leadership on issues connected to preserving and retaining Washington’s heritage and who understand the critical role our historic resources play in providing livable, sustainable communities statewide. In October 2004, the Washington Trust presented the first annual Landmark Deeds Award to U.S. Representative Norm Dicks in recognition of his strong support for and extensive work on behalf of historic preservation.


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Competitive Grant Processes to Distribute Revenues Generated through House Bill 1386
  Benton County
Clark County
Kittitas County
Pierce County
San Juan County
Snohomish County


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House Bill 1386
  Senator Craig Pridemore – 49th District
Tacoma's Murray Morgan Bridge
  Representative Dennis Flannigan – 27th District
King County Preservation Ordinances
  King County Councilmembers Bob Ferguson (District 1) and Larry Phillips (District 4)


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First United Methodist Church, Downtown Seattle
  King County Councilmember Dow Constantine – District 8
King County Barn Again Program
  King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert – District 3
Washington State Heritage Barn Preservation Initiative
  Representative Daniel Newhouse – 15 District
  Senator Ken Jacobsen – 46th District 


(Download the detailed press release PDF file.)
Establishing a State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation
  Senator Mary Margaret Haugen – 10th District
The Heritage Caucus
  Senator Jim Honeyford – 15th District Representative Pat Lantz – 26th District
Historic County Courthouses
  Senator Mark Doumit – 19th District Rep. Lynn Kessler – 24th District
Economic Revitalization
  Bill Grant – 16th District
Representative Daniel Newhouse – 15 District