Board of Directors members and other community members serve on many of the Washington Trust’s committees.

Development Committee
Working closely with staff and Board of Directors, identifies, cultivates, and coordinates solicitation of board and major donors.  Insures that board is given training and assistance needed to solicit donors.
Education Committee
Assesses community needs and, with staff, develops public education and heritage education programs, including workshops, conferences, and special programs.  Develops opportunities to use Stimson-Green Mansion for public and school education.  Assists in public education tools such as newsletter and website.
Executive Committee Consists of Board officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer), Past President, and two at-large members.  With input from committee chairs and staff, sets board agenda, oversees general administration of organization and conducts official board business as necessary between board meetings.  Oversees board orientation and board development.  Serves as Washington Trust’s Personnel Committee.
Finance Committee
Responsible for overall direction and control of Washington Trust finances.  With executive director, coordinates preparation and monitoring of annual budget; annually reviews sources of funding; oversees and reports results of annual audit to board; recommends to the board investment of funds and reports on condition of such investments to board; and assists executive director in insuring that efficient, cost-effective financial management systems with proper controls are in place.
Preservation Committee
With Executive Director, oversees Washington Trust intervention on preservation issues and provides technical assistance statewide.  Serves as Washington Preserves Grant committee.  Maintains Washington Trust’s  Most Endangered Historic Properties List and Trust intervention to listed sites.  Helps determine Washington Trust response on critical preservation issues.
Public Policy &
Advocacy Committee
With Executive Director, determines and carries out Washington Trust’s state and federal  public policy agenda.  Serves as liaison with Heritage Caucus.  Determines Washington Trust response on critical preservation-related legislation.  Insures strong communication with elected officials regarding preservation agenda.

If you are interested in becoming involved wirh any of these committees, please contact us at