Since 2007, the legislature has also allocated funding to provide owners of designated Heritage Barns with matching grants for the purpose of assisting with barn rehabilitation projects. Understanding that Heritage Barns constitute a public good in economic, social and historic terms, it was believed that a capital investment that works to retain these structures was warranted. Through the program, owners of designated Heritage Barns (or barns previously listed in the National Register of Historic Places or the Washington Heritage Register) may apply for grants to assist with stabilization and rehabilitation projects designed for the long-term care and preservation of listed structures. Projects include roof replacements, foundation repairs, structural stabilization, replacement of deteriorated siding, etc. All work must be implemented in a manner that is sensitive to and consistent with the historic nature of the building. Since establishing the grant program, the Heritage Barn Advisory Committee has reviewed 392 applications and awarded over $1.8M in matching grants to 85 barns statewide.

The program has motivated counties to embrace heritage tourism: Skagit County has developed a barn tour complete with smartphone QR codes; Kittitas County has a Barn Quilt Trail; San Juan County and Spokane County have websites devoted to Heritage Barns in their respective area, and coffee table books with dazzling images and stories feature Heritage Barns in both Columbia and Snohomish Counties.

Heritage Barn Funding for the 2017-19 Biennium

The Governor's proposed Capital Budget for the 2017 - 2019 biennium includes $515,000 in funds to continue the Heritage Barn Grant Program. These funds would enable the state's Heritage Barn Grant Program to continue, and would be distributed as matching grants to owners of designated Heritage Barns across the state to assist with rehabilitation projects. Thanks to all who contacted the Governor's Office in support of this program!

Both the State Senate and House of Representatives will be releasing their own versions of the Capital Budget in March. Now is the time to contact your state legislators and ask them to include funding for the Heritage Barn Program in the budget!

Please contact your state legislators and ask them to include $515,000 in the Capital Budget. It is especially important to contact legislators on the fiscal committees in both the House and the Senate.  Please refer to the following list of committee members - if your legislator sits on one of these committees, please contact them with a request to support the barn grant program:

House Capital Budget Committee
Key Committee Members:
Rep. Steve Tharinger (24th), Chair
Rep. Beth Dogli (17th), Vice Chair
Rep. Strom Peterson (21st), Vice Chair
Rep. Richard DeBolt (20th), Ranking Minority Member
Rep. Norma Smith (10th), Assistant Ranking Minority Member

Senate Ways & Means Committee
Key Committee Members:
Sen. Jim Honeyford (15th), Capital Budget Chair
Sen. David Frockt (46th), Asst. Ranking, Capital Budget

Sample Email Text:

Since 2007, matching grants through the Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation's Heritage Barn Preservation Program have worked to preserve 85 historic barns across the state. These iconic structures represent the working, agricultural heritage of our state and many remain an important part of active farming operations.  

The Governor's proposed Capital Budget includes $515,000 to continue the Barn Grant Program in the 2017-19 Biennium. Please support funding for this program in the Capital Budget and preserve more historic barns across Washington.

Thank You

         *Note: please do not hesitate to customize the message above!

At present, there are  676 designated Heritage Barns in Washington State. Continued funding for the grant program would result in even more of these wonderful buildings being preserved for future generations.


For contact information:
House Email Addresses
Senate Email Addresses

Don't know your legislator? Follow the link below to find your state legislator:
District Finder

Additional information can be found on the Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation Heritage Barn Register website and on the Heritage Barn Fact Sheet.

Grant Awards from the 2015-17 Biennium:

Clallam County
Eberle Farm
Clark County
Landcaster Farm
Columbia County
Bar Z Ranch Inc.
Columbia County
Shiloh Farm
Ferry County
George Pane Farm
Island County
Hookstra Farm
King County
Novelty Hill Farm
Kittitas County
Foothills Farm
Lewis County
Lucas Farm
Okanogan County
Patterson Mountain Ranch
Pierce County
Owls Nest Farm
San Juan County
Lawson Farm
San Juan County
Wilson-Kring Farm
Skagit County
Prairie Road Farm
Snohomish County
Thurston County
Tighe Mounts Farm
Walla Walla County
Fritz Plucker Farm
Whatcom County
HMW Farms
Whatcom County
Martin Shaeffer Barn
Whitman County
Kramlich Farm

 Please be sure to check DAHP’s website for program updates: Heritage Barn Register website