Historic Outdoors is a collaboration between Boys/Girls Outdoor Leadership Development Program (BOLD/GOLD) of the Greater Seattle YMCA and the Youth Heritage Project (YHP) of the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation. The purpose of the program is to connect youth to historic places in wilderness areas and foster within them conservation and preservation ethics for both cultural and natural resources.

By combining the purposes and goals of BOLD/GOLD and YHP, Historic Outdoors will offer a program through which youth can explore the relationship between historic buildings, public lands, and wilderness areas while developing leadership and critical thinking skills. We want to help foster sustainable attitudes about cultural and environmental resources in young people; Historic Outdoors is designed to achieve the following goals:
  • Foster conservation, preservation, and stewardship in future generations for cultural resources, historic buildings and natural landscapes

  • Develop today’s youth into advocates and leaders for conservation and preservation

  • Expand students’ learning environments through education in the outdoors

  • Guide youth through critical thinking and communication to become compassionate and articulate leaders for conservation and preservation

  • Strengthen resources for developing youth through collaboration

  • Get excited about historic places in the outdoors and have fun!

Previous Trips:

Mount Pilchuck
Satuday, September 24, 2016
  Iron Goat Trail
Saturday, November 5, 2016

We're looking forward to planning more trips, so stay tuned!

Please contact Jennifer Mortensen with any questions.

A $50 fee will be charged for this program to cover costs, but financial assistance scholarships are available.

Our goal is to offer Historic Outdoors as an ongoing program. As Historic Outdoors draws more interest, we hope to be able to venture to a wider variety of locations offering a variety of physical challenges over multiple days and address historic topics of interest to participants. With our outdoor expertise and the broad range of resources of which the Washington Trust has knowledge, our team has the professional skills to offer Historic Outdoors to groups of varying sizes and skill levels all over Washington State.

We hope this program will provide a replicable, engaging model for experiencing historic places in wilderness, especially for youth. If implemented successfully, we believe Historic Outdoors will demonstrate the general need for education about historic resources in wilderness areas.

The BOLD/GOLD Program has extensive experience taking youth into the outdoors and will lead the coordination of the logistics while YHP will lead the interpretive portion of the trip.

The BOLD/GOLD Program gives youth the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature, face new challenges, and most importantly be their own unique self. Through BOLD/GOLD, young people can explore the wilderness through a variety of activities and become multi-cultural leaders by combining their own personality and skills with our areas of focus: confidence, courage, community awareness, emotional intelligence, and wonder.   YHP is designed to introduce historic preservation to a younger generation by connecting participants to historic and cultural resources in a hands-on manner. YHP engages youth in analytical thinking, asking them to develop their own ideas about why preservation matters. YHP participants are encouraged to share their experience when they return home, and impact preservation activity in their community through participation and activism.