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Every year, many historic properties across the state of Washington are threatened by demolition or neglect. Collectively, these properties contribute to the quality of life we enjoy and shape the daily experiences of living in small towns, large cities and rural countryside across the state. It is an understatement to say that our historic resources help to paint a distinct Washington portrait, and it is certainly no overstatement to conclude that their loss would leave large gaps in that canvas.

Since 1992 the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation has maintained a Most Endangered Historic Properties List, bringing attention to threatened buildings, sites and historic places in Washington State. 

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2016 Most Endangered Historic Properties

We announced our annual list of Most Endangered Historic Properties in the State of Washington on Monday, April 25th. The announcement came during the organization’s This Place Matters reception, held at the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce. The reception is an affinity event hosted by the Washington Trust to kickoff this week’s RevitalizeWA conference in Chelan.

2015 Most Endangered Historic Properties

The 2015 Most Endangered List was announced at the Washington Trust’s annual This Place Matters Reception on May 6, 2015 as an affinity event to RevitalizeWA, Washington’s statewide Preservation and Main Street Conference. Special thanks to our sponsors as well as Aslan Brewing for hosting our reception. More images of all the properties can be found on our flickr account.

2014 Most Endangered Historic Properties

2014 Most Endangered Properties List As our official announcement, the Washington Trust presented the following video, featuring all five properties, at our This Place Matters Reception, an affinity event at RevitalizeWA (our annual historic preservation and downtown revitalization conference) on May 6, 2014 in Wenatchee. Click below to view the video, or read about the properties on our Current List page.

2013 Most Endangered Properties List

The Washington Trust has released its 2013 Most Endangered List! We presented the following video at our historic preservation and downtown revitalization conference, RevitalizeWA, on May 15, 2013 in Vancouver.


2012 Most Endangered Properties List

The Washington Trust announced its 2012 Most Endangered Historic Properties List at the opening reception of the RevitalizeWA conference held in Chelan on May 22, 2012. Over the next year, we will be working with stakeholders to develop preservation strategies for each site with the goal of identifying positive preservation outcomes for all.