How to Nominate

All nominators are strongly encouraged to contact the Washington Trust office prior to submitting a nomination to discuss the program requirements, nomination criteria, and over-arching goals for the threatened resource. Please contact Jennifer Mortensen, Preservation Services Coordinator via email or by calling 206-624-9449.

If the property is selected for inclusion in the Most Endangered Historic Properties List, nominators agree to work with the Washington Trust to develop advocacy strategies, provide regular updates to staff and site representatives, submit articles for newsletter consideration, and generally engage in efforts to find a positive preservation outcome for the resource.

To nominate a property to our Most Endangered List, please fill out our online submission form:

The information on our online form will not be saved until submitted. To avoid losing data, we recommend that you type and save your responses in a text document on your computer and then copy/paste your responses into the form when they are finalized.

Nominations to our Most Endangered program are accepted year-round. However, in order to ensure that the property you nominate is included in the 2017 Most Endangered video announcement at RevitalizeWA, please submit your nomination by Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 5pm.

Eligibilty Criteria

  • There must be a degree of endangerment by owner neglect, proposed demolition, rezoning, or redevelopment, and/or other human or environmental factors.
  • The property must be listed on or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, the Washington Heritage Register, or a local register.
  • There must be evidence of local support (or the clear potential for building local support) for preservation of the property.
  • A separate application form must be submitted for each nominated property.
  • Selections will be made based on their significance as determined by the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation and not solely on the degree of endangerment.
  • Properties selected for the Most Endangered Historic Properties List will receive the Trust's assistance in developing support to remove the threat.