Discover Washington: Youth Heritage Project (YHP) is a 4-day interactive field-school that engages high school students and teachers by connecting them to historic, cultural, and natural resources. YHP is designed to introduce the topics of preservation and stewardship to a younger generation in order to cultivate future leaders in the preservation movement to save the places that matter in Washington State.

The program works to achieve four primary objectives:
  • connect youth and teachers to historic places and landscapes;
  • engage students in historic preservation and conservation activities;
  • expand tools to support teachers’ educational efforts around the built and natural environment; and
  • excite the next generation of advocates and stewards of our natural and historic resources.

It's free for students and teachers to attend to attend. We've been working hard applying for grants and fundraising so that we can offer our program with no cost to any participant who wants to apply.

Students can earn service hours while having fun. Simple as that - we'll sign off on 10 service hours for any student who participates. (We're also working on getting continuing education credits for teachers who attend - stay tuned for more info.)

We want students and teachers to get excited about historic places. We are passionate about preservation; we want to share our knowledge with you and hear what you have to say. As we ask students to engage in the process of understanding heritage and give us feedback, we allow YHP participants to become preservation consultants.

We are investing in the future. The goals of YHP do not add up to all our student participants having careers in historic preservation (although that would be wonderful!). Rather, the main objective is for our students to become thoughful adults, engaged citizens, and members of a more educated public as they become the stewards of historic places in the future.