PreserveWA Fellowship

In an effort to support emerging leaders and amplify youth perspectives in the field of preservation and community building, the Washington Trust is proud to offer the PreserveWA Fellowship. The Fellowship supports first-time attendance at RevitalizeWA, coordinated by the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, by students and young professionals with interest in gaining professional exposure to the fields of historic preservation and downtown revitalization. 

Applications to join our 2023 cohort of PreserveWA Fellows are now closed. 

How does the Fellowship work?

PreserveWA Fellows will attend RevitalizeWA 2023, held in Vancouver, WA, October 4-6. Fellows will be matched with a leader in a related field to serve as a mentor, connecting with their mentor prior to and/or during the conference to discuss educational and professional paths. As a cohort, Fellows will have the opportunity to connect with each other and members of the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation team at select events.

Following the conference, Fellows are asked to write an article about what they learned as a first-time attendee (or other relevant topic) to be published in the Washington Trust’s quarterly magazine, This Place.

The award covers the cost of registration for RevitalizeWA, plus a stipend for travel and lodging.

Who is eligible?

Fellows are individuals ages 18-29 currently residing in Washington State.

Applicants studying or working in preservation, community development, architecture, history, archaeology, anthropology, engineering, construction, economics, sociology, or a related field with an interest in historic preservation or the Main Street Approach are encouraged to apply!

Have questions?

Please contact Lydia Felty, Resources Coordinator.