SRG Partnership

SRG’s passion is to create great places for people.

Founded in 1972, SRG is a full-service design firm providing award-winning results from offices in Seattle and Portland. We craft idea-driven design that responds to each project’s mission, program, context, schedule and budget. Public projects are the focus of our practice and comprise the majority of our work. They offer the challenges on which we thrive: compressed budgets and schedules, demanding technical requirements and the opportunity to inspire the public’s imagination. We believe that great civic places are rooted in a deep understanding of their history and context, combined with a vision for how they will evolve in the future. We seek these important insights by listening carefully to our clients, the living stewards of our public institutions.

Categories: Architects, Interiors - Design, Urban Planning & Design

Region: West


Duncan Thieme, AIA, Principal

Barney Mansavage, AIA



110 Union St., Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98101

621 SW Morrison St., Suite 200
Portland, OR 97205