Indow is a cleantech company in Portland, Oregon dedicated to making the built environment more energy efficient while preserving historic windows. It makes custom interior window inserts for residential and commercial spaces that help original old-growth wood windows perform like new double-panes without altering the exterior of the buildings. This is one reason preservationists turn to them: they do not interfere with historic district requirements that windows retain their original appearance and character.

Historic properties across the United States have them from a 1756 house in New Hampshire with all its original windows to Case Study House #26 in the Bay Area, an iconic American home commissioned by Art & Architecture magazine, to a county government building in Arlington, Virginia that was converted into a homeless shelter.

When buildings settle, the windows settle with them, making them out of square. Indow acrylic window inserts are handmade for each window opening using precise laser measurements. Each insert is edged in silicone compression tube and simply presses into place without a damaging track or magnetic system. The inserts not only make buildings more energy efficient, they reduce the number of irreplaceable old growth wood windows thrown into landfills during window replacement.

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Archaeological and Historical Services, Eastern Washington University

Since 1980, Archaeological and Historical Services (AHS) has provided cultural resources management services for all aspects of project planning and development in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. AHS is a grant/contract research program at Eastern Washington University that specializes in aiding private, city, county, state, and federal clients in meeting local, state, and federal compliance requirements. AHS services are designed to provide compliance with cultural resources regulatory processes, including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA, Section 106 Compliance), Executive Order 05-05, and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). AHS employs a full-time professional staff with extensive CRM and research experience in the Pacific Northwest. The professional staff meet Secretary of Interior Standards (36 CFR Part 61) in history, archaeology, and architectural history. AHS has prepared more than 2,700 cultural resources reports since 1980 which routinely include:

• Survey reports (Phase I)
• Archaeological testing and evaluation plans (Phase II)
• Data recovery reports (Phase III)
• Construction monitoring reports
• Historic building assessments
• Historic and Ethnographic Overviews
• Cultural resources management plans
• Memoranda of agreement (MOAs) and programmatic agreement (PA)
• NRHP nominations and determination of eligibility
• HABS/HAER/HALS documentation
• Inadvertent discovery plans
• Environmental Assessment (EA) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

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Jennifer Wilson, Director

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SRG Partnership

SRG’s passion is to create great places for people.

Founded in 1972, SRG is a full-service design firm providing award-winning results from offices in Seattle and Portland. We craft idea-driven design that responds to each project’s mission, program, context, schedule and budget. Public projects are the focus of our practice and comprise the majority of our work. They offer the challenges on which we thrive: compressed budgets and schedules, demanding technical requirements and the opportunity to inspire the public’s imagination. We believe that great civic places are rooted in a deep understanding of their history and context, combined with a vision for how they will evolve in the future. We seek these important insights by listening carefully to our clients, the living stewards of our public institutions.

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Painter Preservation

Painter Preservation, founded in 2002, provides a full range of historic preservation services throughout the west, with a special focus on the Pacific Northwest. Services include conducting surveys and inventories; drafting nominations to the National, state, and local historic registers; undertaking environmental compliance, including Section 106 review; conducting design review, including concurrence with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards; preparing historic district design guidelines; drafting Historic Structures Reports; preparing Federal and state tax credit applications; and completing HABS/HAER/HALS documentation. Urban design services includes project management, urban design and master planning, and design guidelines. Diana J. Painter, PhD, is Painter Preservation’s Principal Architectural Historian. She has won numerous awards for her scholarship and speaks and publishes regularly on topics in architectural history, historic preservation and urban design. Diana Painter, who holds a PhD in Architecture, meets the Secretary of Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards in the areas of Architectural History and History, and is a certified, woman-owned small business.

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Hennebery Eddy Architects

Hennebery Eddy Architects is a full-service architecture and interior design firm in Portland, Ore. Our specialized Historic Resources Group has rich experience working with historic resources throughout the Northwest. Hennebery Eddy was founded in 1992 and has grown to a staff of 50.

Our goal is to address the unique needs of historic buildings by providing all-inclusive historical architecture services, from researching history and significance to breathing new and sustainable life into valuable places. We recognize that change is inevitable for buildings and sites and seek to plan for and incorporate change in a manner that retains and supports historic integrity. For us, the success of our historic preservation projects is measured by the degree of historic character retained coupled with the ability for the resource to endure into the future.

Hennebery Eddy considers historic preservation to be fundamental to sustainable design, as both concepts are based on the conservation of our natural and cultural resources. We also consider stewardship of historic resources to be key to the ultimate sustainability of a property and provide our clients with additional support in the form of preservation planning and maintenance guide documents.

Hennebery Eddy’s Historic Resources Group collectively have participated in all phases of preservation projects—including preliminary planning and feasibility, land use and design review guidance, research, documentation and assessment, paint color analysis, treatment recommendations, design and construction, and Investment Tax Credit applications. In addition to our preservation and conservation services, we are also able to draw upon the expertise of our larger firm, including comprehensive architectural services, sustainable design, interior design and design-build services.

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