Masonry Restoration Consulting LLC

Masonry Restoration Consulting is a full service specialty and general contractor specializing in historic preservation . From feasibility to completion, we have oversaw many historical projects. 3 projects of note are the SHPO award winning White Bluff Bank project which was a pile of historic block out at the Hanford Reservation. We had to reconstruct the blocks, mortar and fines to reconstruct the building exact. We were the only contractor qualified in the state to do that project because of our extensive experience in historical masonry projects and outstanding safety company history.  Fort Ward Bakery Project was another SHPO award winner we were honored to do the masonry scope on. We also did the seismic upgrade of the University Heights Center which is an amazing third place integral part of the community and has been recipient of several capital needs funding.  We have also helped associations like the Bing Kung Lo association obtain funding and implement a full seismic retrofit of their occupied building with minimal impact to tenants. Our services include but are not limited to seismic upgrades, tuckpointing, concrete restoration, full stone restoration of any kind, waterproofing, stone consolidation, parapet safety reinforcement and much more. We also recently worked with some other masonry companies from Seattle on the Federal Reserve Bank building which had stories added and kept the exterior granite and limestone cladding on the original portion of the building while removing them, fixing them with fiber-mesh for reinforcement and reinstall, the interior granite panels were removed, restored and replaced by us to keep the historical integrity of the ground level.  We love keeping history alive around Seattle and look forward to helping you with your project.  Please contact us for more information about how we can help your project.

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