Thanks to all for your interest in saving the iconic Masonic Home. At this point, the City of Des Moines has not issued the final scope for the Environmental Impact Statement the project applicant must prepare. The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation and dozens of advocates submitted comments during the city’s scoping process, encouraging the city to require that alternatives to rehabilitation be part of the EIS, and that those alternatives specify potential future uses of the site. We have also called for a climate impact analysis to be conducted to better understand the result demolition of a building this large would have from a climate impact standpoint. And finally, we have called for archaeological assessments to better understand whether or not Tribal cultural resources may be impacted by ground disturbing activities.

We’re thrilled that the Masonic Home is featured in Clay Eals’ “Now & Then” column for the Seattle Times/Pacific NW Magazine! Read the column online here:

Check out web extras for the column including documents, a booklet, news clips, and more photos here:

We will continue to update this site once the city releases its final scoping decision for the EIS. In the meantime, please sign up for our mailing list to receive updates on this project and continued advocacy efforts.

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Please bookmark these pages for references and updates to the ongoing campaign until the threat of demolition is completely off the table!

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