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Over the last few years, across the nation and the globe, uncertainty has reigned over our lives. Uncertainty in the continuing reality of the coronavirus, uncertainty in an ever-fluctuating economy, uncertainty about the future. For many in Washington, the rising costs of living and real estate have made finding affordable housing uncertain. We wrestle with how to address inequities in our society, how to provide for the less fortunate, how to solve the growing climate crisis. At the federal level, conflict and partisanship predominate; we seem forever on the brink of shutdowns and standoffs.

Obviously these are complex issues, and there is no one solution. What we do know is that in these difficult times, community is paramount. We have to come together, stand by our values, strive for what is right, and collaborate on a path forward. In all of these efforts, preservation can help.

Preserving and honoring our historic and cultural places can root us in times of uncertainty and remind us of where we have come from. Preservation can tell us more about ourselves and provide a forum for celebrating our differences while highlighting shared values and identities. Preservation builds community, bringing people together and strengthening our towns and cities for the future. Preservation can even be a tool in our work to address some of society’s greatest challenges, including housing, environmental sustainability, and social justice.

We at the Washington Trust believe that preservation can be all that and more. Alongside our many partners, we want to help lead the charge here in Washington State. But we need your support.

As we approach the end of 2023, we ask you to contribute towards this cause. Join (or renew) as a member, purchase a gift membership for the special ones in your life, consider one of our planned giving options, or simply make a donation via the button below. For you as a donor, every contribution is 100% tax deductible. For us as an organization, every contribution counts.

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