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Unfortunately, 2021 was not quite the end of the pandemic and the full return to normalcy for which we had hoped. Months into 2022, many towns and cities remain suspended in crisis response mode. Many small businesses continue to struggle. And many communities still strive for connection and togetherness amidst a new normal. The past two years have been a test for us all—a test of compassion and of endurance.

What have we learned along the way? That the true measure of the health of our towns and cities, of the commercial districts and small businesses which make up our state’s economic fabric, is not in gross income or big-name brands. It’s the strength of the communities around them. Neighbors helping neighbors, peers supporting peers, in the fight to save the places that matter—be it a local restaurant, museum, or landmark.

Here at the Washington Trust, our work has never felt so vital. We’re working to build resilience in our communities—by providing technical resources and funding, by educating elected officials and the public about preservation as an economic tool, by telling the stories of our state’s many histories and cultures, by fostering connections between people through a shared love of place.

Join us. Make a donation today. Not only is your contribution completely tax-deductible, it makes a tremendous difference in supporting our mission to save the places that matter in Washington State, through this year and for generations to come.

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