Affiliate Capacity Building Survey

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The Washington Main Street Affiliate Capacity Building Grant Program is a pilot project of the Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation (DAHP), funded through fiscal years 2022-2023 by the Washington State Legislature and managed under contract by the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation. The grants are designed to help rural Affiliates prepare for, hire, and onboard their first part-time or full-time executive director.

What are we asking you? Since the Affiliate Capacity Building grant program is only a pilot, part of our work coordinating it is to gather information about its effectiveness so legislators can make an informed decision about continuing it in the future. Below is a short survey (15 questions, almost all multiple choice!) which asks questions that will set a baseline for your Main Street Affiliate’s current capacity, which we hope to improve between now and June 30, 2022 when your current grant contract ends.

How will this information be used? We want to know whether the capacity of your organization is strengthened by this grant program, so individual responses will be anonymous but we ask you to identify your community so that we can show the impact on each of the inaugural grant recipients. We’re asking you to fill out this survey now, at the beginning of the program, and we’ll ask these same questions again later to see which, if any, of your answers change.

Your answers will be grouped with others from your community and shared with our funders and partners, as one measure of the impact of the Affiliate Capacity Building Grant Program.

Please complete this survey by September 30, 2021.

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Affiliate Capacity Building Pre-Services Survey

2.) How engaging and enjoyable is your work as a board member?(Required)
3.) Do you feel you're making a positive impact on your community through your downtown revitalization efforts?(Required)
5.) How effective are you and the other leaders at communicating your organization’s values, objectives and priorities to internal stakeholders such as committee members, volunteers, donors?(Required)
6.) How effective are you and the other leaders at communicating your organization’s values, objectives and priorities to external stakeholders such as downtown business owners, building owners, and general community members?(Required)
8.) If you said yes to question #7, how well is the short-term or strategic plan communicated and understood by the full board and other internal stakeholders?
9.) How well is your organization’s board, committees, and volunteer structure defined and are clear roles and responsibilities well understood by those groups?(Required)
10.) Are organizational processes (such as creating and sharing agendas prior to meetings, developing work plans, volunteer recruitment, etc.) well defined?(Required)
11.) Are organizational policies (such as conflict of interest policy, document retention policy, whistleblower policy, insurance policy, etc) well defined?(Required)
12.) Are HR practices well defined and understood?(Required)
Please indicate yes or no, then feel free to include a short description to expand.
15.) How prepared is your organization to onboard an executive director?(Required)


Please contact us via email or at 206-462-2999.