Kapus Farmstead

Status: Saved!

Year Listed: 2008

Location: Clark County

Settled in the 1880s, the Kapus Farm evokes the feeling of an early-twentieth century farmstead, and is unique as one of the few relatively intact complexes of farm buildings remaining in Clark County.  The farm retains the 1888 farmhouse, but most of the structures on site date from circa 1929 when a live-in carpenter was employed to modernize the farm.  During this time, he remodeled the farmhouse and constructed a water tower, garage, and outhouse, all of which remain at the site.  The water tower is especially unique being a four-story, wood-frame structure with a gabled roof still housing the original 2,500-gallon wooden water tank

Post Hospital

Status: Still Standing

Year Listed: 2012

Location: Clark County

The Post Hospital at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Reserve, significant as a fine example of military architecture from the early twentieth century, reflects innovation in medical practices and philosophies, particularly concerning X-ray technology and with the treatment of tuberculosis. Several environmental factors contribute to various issues that threaten the existence, structural integrity, and sustainability of the Post Hospital, which sits unoccupied. Most notably is its proximity to Interstate 5 and the associated air and noise pollution, exposure to acid rain resulting from traffic pollution mixing with rain, and direct sun exposure on the west side of the building. The most significant pending threat to the Post Hospital, however, is the construction of the Columbia River Crossing slated to begin in 2014. This important national infrastructure project will widen I-5 and place the interstate wall within 4 to 6 feet of the northwest corner of the Post Hospital Building. Officials with the Fort Vancouver National Historic Reserve hope the efforts in place to mitigate these threats will be successful, allowing the implementation of an envisioned community arts center in the building.