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Libbey House

Status: Saved!

Year Listed: 2009

Location: Island County

Desiring to construct a new, larger house on the site, the current owner filed an application to demolish the historic Libbey House in March 2009. Given the significance of the resource, the Town of Coupeville is requiring that an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) be prepared and has invoked a mandatory two-year waiting period required whenever demolition is proposed for a Class I historic structure.Despite this, the concern is that the owners will continue on the path towards demolition.

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Haller House

Status: Saved!

Year Listed: 2013

Location: Island County

Location: Coupeville, Island County

Unlike most of Coupeville’s early settlers, Colonel Granville Haller was neither a farmer nor involved in maritime commerce; he was a career military man who fought in the Mexican- American War, the Indian Wars on Puget Sound of the 1850s, the “Pig War” on San Juan Island, and the Civil War. Relieved of duty following the Battle of Gettysburg, Haller returned to Puget Sound and settled in downtown Coupeville, building a two-story Georgian structure connected to an existing one-story house of plank construction already present on the site. Haller sold the house in 1879, opting to relocate once again, this time to Seattle. For the next 125 years, the house served as a private residence but witnessed very few alterations. The plan is primarily intact, as are many of the finishes, providing a rare glimpse into mid-19th century domestic life.

The house went on the real estate market and for six years, Historic Whidbey hit the pavement to raise the needed funding to purchase the historic Haller House in Coupeville. Historic Whidbey was founded on the premise of saving the Haller House to “engage the public with early stories of the Pacific Northwest as illustrated through the military, commercial and political activities of Col. Haller.” In doing so, the group capitalized on partnerships at all levels, with funding through grants from the National Park Foundation, the National Park Trust, the Norcliffe Foundation, and the Coupeville Lions Club. The deal also relied on private donations from citizens as well as a preservation easement purchased by the National Park Service. Despite some seemingly impassable roadblocks along the way, Historic Whidbey never faltered in their ambition to acquire the Haller House. In this way, the group represents the best of grassroots preservation efforts having a positive impact on the community. We’re happy to deem the Haller House a “Save!”

Now comes fun part – the path toward rehabilitation!

Haller House in the News:

Group inks deal for one of state’s oldest homes” – Whidbey News Times, November 2,2018

Campaign to buy historic Coupeville House revived” – Whidbey News Times, March 30, 2018

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Parlor Car #1799

Status: Saved!

Year Listed: 2017

Location: Island County

Built as an extra fare car, Parlor Car 1799 operated from 1901 to 1941 along the Northern Pacific Railway. With its decorative glass windows, fine interior veneers, and intricate inlays, Parlor Car 1799 represents the Golden Age of rail travel in the US. The car was converted for use as a beach front cottage on Whidbey Island after its decommissioning in 1941. The owners, now wishing to redevelop the land, have generously offered the car to the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie.

The museum worked to raise money to relocate the car, a tricky situation as it had to be barged off the island! The move was only the first step, however, in saving Parlor Car 1799 – now on to restoration! Support the Northwest Railway Museum if you want to help the restoration of this beautiful parlor car.

Read more from the Northwest Railway Museum’s blog about the move and see the stunning photos!

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