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McReavy House

Status: Still Standing

Year Listed: 2007

Location: Mason County

Constructed in 1890, the McReavy House is a Victorian mansion sitting atop a hill in Union overlooking the Hood Canal.  Believed to be one of the earliest extant houses on the canal, it was home to John McReavy.  McReavy prospered as the principal lumberman on Hood Canal from 1870-1893, served in the Territorial Legislature, and was a signer of Washington’s Declaration of Statehood.  McReavy played a key role in Union City’s development and was engaged in the construction of the hotel, wharf, sawmill, store, Masonic Lodge and church.  The panic of 1893 left McReavy only his house.

Shelton Gymnasium

Status: Lost

Year Listed: 2003

Location: Shelton, Mason County

The Art Moderne style, reinforced concrete Shelton Gymnasium was constructed as a high school gym in 1939-40, designed by prominent northwest architect Joseph Wohleb, and used for that purpose until 1974. The entire high school complex was been torn down except for the gym, which for many years stood as a reminder of the community’s hopes as it shook off the Great Depression. Although it was eligible for both state and national registers, the building was not listed.

After allowing significant deterioration by neglect, the Shelton School Board announced in 2003 that it was considering demolition. The public reacted by forming The Friends of the Shelton Gymnasium, which began efforts to save and revitalize the gym. The School Board acquiesced to the public interest but voted to allow just nine months for the Friends to raise one million dollars and propose a revitalization plan. The Washington Trust immediately joined in the effort, placing the building on its 2003 Most Endangered Places list.

With support from the Washington Trust, the Friends nominated the gym to the National Register, completed a historic structures report, a feasibility study, and an estimate of rehabilitation costs. The Friends also employed legal steps to prevent demolition, but were unable to overcome the Board’s predetermined decision. The Shelton Gymnasium was demolished in May 2005.

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St. Edward’s Catholic Church

Status: Lost

Year Listed: 2009

Location: Mason County

Facing structural deficiencies identified through an engineer’s evaluation, the congregation opted to sell the parcel rather than pay for expensive stabilization work. Interested in the land for the purpose of expanding its adjacent county campus facilities, Mason County purchased the parcel, stipulating that the congregation be responsible for removal of the church building. In April of 2009, the congregation applied to the City of Shelton for a permit to demolish the sanctuary. Acknowledging the historic significance of the building, the city called for a 90-day waiting period before issuing a demolition permit with the hope that local advocates can work with the county and the congregation on a strategy for preserving the resource. The waiting period expired in August of 2009.