Walking building inventory tours can help you keep track of maintenance and accessibility issues around your downtown, allowing you to identify potential design projects and façade grant applicants, and providing a conversational starting point with building owners that focuses on resources available and lets them know you’re here to help. We encourage you to enlist volunteers to do a Building and Lighting Inventory and an Accessibility Inventory of your own downtown using this comprehensive template. You’ll find three tabs in the template: one Basic Building Inventory (what we used in Stevenson), one Building & Lighting Inventory, and one Accessibility Inventory. Reach out to Lydia and Jonelle with questions!

Tips for tackling your inventory:

  • Be sure to mark down where each maintenance issue is located on each of the buildings. That way, you can track any change over time. (Example note: broken and missing windows at first floor, both sides of front door.)
  • Use objective language rather than opinion in the inventory notes, e.g. “evidence of excessive sandblasting” rather than “bricks in bad shape.”
  • If you have building images from Google or volunteers, you can use images of the building facades and mark the maintenance issue on the photo.
  • Prepare your volunteers to be ambassadors as they’re walking around. What conversations should they be ready to have? What resources might they carry with them for sharing more?
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