Storytelling is a critical part of the placemaking work that we do in Main Street districts. Getting your community invested in that story is the key to volunteer recruitment, fundraising, and support from local leaders.

In this series, we look at the basics of branding, mission and vision, and how it all ties together with the story you’re telling as an organization, then break down how you can use storytelling to drive your volunteer recruitment, how you can use data for fundraising appeals (and key methods of data collection), and how to share your story in order to establish your value to stakeholders in your local community and on the state level. You’ll hear from experts from Main Street America on each of these topics and walk away with a greater understanding of how to harness your organization’s unique story to help drive growth.

Each webinar is also cohosted by Jackie Swihart, Program Officer for Revitalization Services at MSA.

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