Have you ever noticed a historic house or building with vinyl replacement windows? Often, you can spot them a mile away. They’ve got a touch of the Frankenstein. The National Preservation Institute understands the value of historic windows and why we need to restore, repair and save as many in this country as we can.

Class Description

Historic windows are both critical components of a building’s weather envelope and valuable character-defining features worth retaining for architectural and environmental reasons. Learn about the rich history and variety of wood, steel, and aluminum windows and construction methodology. Explore the maintenance and rehabilitation techniques that allow windows to have long and sustainable service lives. Review energy conservation and economic issues as factors facing managers in the restore-or-replace debate and regulations relating to preservation of these assets.


Gordon H. Bock, principal, National Archives Associates; contributing editor Traditional Building; former editor-in-chief, Old-House Journal; architectural historian, writer, editor, and co-author of The Vintage House