Board of Directors Recruitment

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the places that matter in Washington State and to promoting sustainable and economically viable communities through historic preservation. We are Washington’s only statewide nonprofit advocacy organization working to build a collective ethic that preserves historic places through education, collaboration, and stewardship. 

We believe historic preservation plays a critical role in community building across the state. Through our work, we endeavor to lead on policy issues that impact cultural resources, to support activity and campaigns focused on saving places that matter, and to amplify the work of our partners and advocates. 

To do this work effectively, we rely on a Board of Directors to both inform and support the organization. Our board members come from all four corners of the state and comprise leaders from the private sector, other nonprofits, and local government. Our board members champion the importance of historic preservation in building strong communities and serve as direct liaisons to the communities in which they live.  

The Washington Trust seeks nominees to our Board of Directors who share our commitment to saving places that matter throughout Washington. To submit an application for nomination to our Board of Directors, please complete the form at the link below:

Additional Information: