Stimson-Green Mansion Capital Campaign

The Stimson-Green Mansion is a City of Seattle landmark, a National Register-listed architectural treasure, and home to the nonprofit Washington Trust for Historic Preservation.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a vibrant community cultural space, playing host to meetings, concerts, theatrical performances, parties, weddings, and more. Unfortunately, since March 2020, the Stimson-Green has sat empty. With this loss of event revenue, the Washington Trust took a significant financial hit.

Through it all, we worked to complete a multi-year capital campaign in our ongoing restoration of the Stimson-Green, capped off with one final project: the repair and repointing of the building’s 120-year-old masonry. We’re proud to report that in July 2021, the masonry repairs were completed, thereby stabilizing this important historic landmark for decades to come. We can’t wait to reopen our doors to you again and show you all the amazing work that’s been going at the Mansion.

If you missed the capital campaign earlier this spring, don’t worry—you can still support our work in building a stronger Stimson-Green. Make a donation via the link below!

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Thank You to our Stimson-Green Mansion Capital Campaign Funders & Donors

Heritage Capital Project Fund, operated by the Washington State Historical Society

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust


Karakin Foundation

Norcliffe Foundation

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Joshua Green Foundation

Joshua Green Family

City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Marvin Anderson/Marvin Anderson Architects

Antiques 4 U, LLC

Kalpa Baghasingh

William Baltuck

Judith Barbour

Tom & Kris Bassett

Teresa Bendito-Zepeda

Alexander Birmingham

Dan & Jo Anna Birmingham

Erin Birmingham

Margot Blacker

Doug Borth/McDonald Zaring Insurance

Laura Brisbane

Pauline Buhler

Heather Bunn/RAFN Company

Sarah Burnett

William Burnett Jr. & Ruth Burnett

Ginny Butler

Jay Campbell

Logan Camporeale

Jennifer & Phil Carter

Gideon Cauffman

Holly Chamberlain & Charles Mitchell

Bruce & Sarah Chapman

Kelly Clark

Douglas Crist

Lois Crow

Kevin Daniels/Daniels Real Estate, LLC

Bob & Frances Davidson

Kelsey & Karla Doncaster

Tanner Dotzauer

Lindsay & Megan Duvall

Thomas Dye

Erich Ebel

Nancy Finegood

Michael Flannery & Dean Lynch

Hank & Lisa Florence

Linda Floyd

Horace H. Foxall Jr.

Steve Franks

Edwin Garretson Jr.

Paul Gleeson

Betsy Godlewski

Susan Goff

Harrison Goodall/Conservation Services, LLC

Laura B. Gowen

Pam & Jay Green

Bert Gregory

Kristen Griffin

Patrick Hanley

Tim & Addy Hanley

Mark Hannum & Joel Ruland

Ryan Hester & Kara Main-Hester

Ingrid Holmlund & David Thompson

Craig Holstine

Alain & Julia Huynh

Matt & Abby Inpanbutr

Douglas J. Ito

David James

Diana James

Sara Jane Johnson

David H. Johnston

Kevin Kane & Jake Weber

Daniel Kerlee & Carol Wollenberg

Claudia Kiyama & Guillermo Gonzalez

David Koenig

Karen Koon

Ellen B. Kritzman

Georgi Krom

John & Pat Lantz

Tim & Nancy Lau

Thomas & Rhoda Lawrence

MA Leonard

Joyce Lund

Louisa & Scott Malatos

Lynn Mandyke

Paul & Janet Mann

Bill & Colleen McAleer

Patrick McCutcheon

Joe McDermott

Elizabeth & Mike McGree

John McMillan/Gig Harbor BoatShop

James McNett

Gary Menges

Daniel Miles

Thomas Moak

Tom & Sue Moore

Jennifer Mortensen

Joanne Moyer

Jeffrey Murdock & Mathew Albores

Jeffrey Ochsner & Sandra Perkins

Chris O’Harra

Anneka Olson & Clayton Aldern

Leanne Olson & James Bailey

Nancy Ousley & Carla Anderson

Thomas Pagano

Hollis Palmer & Robert Perlman

Paul Parker & Sally Reichlin

George Pechtel

Alanna Peterson

Clare Petrich

Teresa Pliskowski

Janet Ploof

Sondra Purcell

Ray Rast

John Rogers, Jr./J4 Ranch, LLC

Mary Rossi/Eppard Vision

Frank & Maureen Santoni

Ansel & Sarah Santosa

Virginia K. Senear

David Shockley

Joan Simpson & Dan Wright

Spry Preservation Carpentry

Dorothy S. Stanley

David Strauss & Judith Swain

David Strauss/SHKS Architects

Steve Stroming

Marie Strong

Michael Sullivan

Tim & Kara Sullivan

Miriam Sutermeister

David Thompson & Ingrid Holmlund

Mary & Dick Thompson

David Timmons

Stephanie Toothman

Mollie Tremaine

Mrs. Walter T. Trolson

Stephen Waite/Waite Conservation Architects

Maggie Walker

Bob Walter

David & Harriet Weber

Brian Westmoreland/Authentic Restoration Services

Susan White

James & Mary Lou Wickwire

Susan Wickwire & Karl Cherepanya

Kathryn Wigner

Eugenia Woo & Alex Baker

Bryan Zagers