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Cle Elum Downtown Association

Cle Elum means “swift water” and its origins come from the Kittitas tribe, whose members resided here and relied on the nearby Yakima River. The city was incorporated in February 1902 and was built with a prosperous coal mining industry and the railroad infrastructures were created to support it. The city also had a thriving lumber industry and at one point had the largest sawmill in the eastern half of the state.

Now, the city has a population of almost 2,000. Outdoor attractions may be the main draw to Cle Elum but there are still many opportunities available to explore shops, restaurants, taverns and other attractions in the town such as the Carpenter House Museum.

Region: Central


Jordan Peterson, Interim Executive Director

(509) 433-7330


218 E First St.
Cle Elum, WA 98922