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Colville Together

Colville Together is a nonprofit organization focused on the preserving and planning of downtown Colville. We are a Main Street Community through the Washington State Main Street Program. The focus of our organization is the physical environment of downtown Colville. Primarily we are focused on the buildings, as well as the streets, the sidewalks, and the trees. Our mission statement and purpose is: “Partnering to enrich our community through planning and preserving Historic Downtown Colville, while cultivating our local economy.”

We strongly believe that a comfortable downtown environment encourages new businesses, community use, and attracts tourists. Colville is blessed with an amazing downtown, which holds a fantastic variety of building styles and types. One of our principal goals is to work with building owners to restore and revitalize the buildings of our downtown. Downtown Colville is a unique and beautiful place—let’s maintain the excellent elements and polish some of the buildings that are neglected and deteriorating into the jewels of our community.

Region: East


Rosemary Shaw, Executive Director


115 W Astor Ave, Suite 206
Colville, WA 99114