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BF Tabbott House

Status: Still Standing

Year Listed: 2009

Location: Kitsap County

Counter to the objectives of the Overlay District as defined in the Comprehensive Plan, on May 14th the city’s planning commission approved a proposal to demolish the BF Tabbott House, replacing it with a mixed-use project that would combine residential and commercial uses on the site. This decision was based in part on an independent legal analysis that the Ericksen Avenue Overlay District, while designed to preserve the area’s historic character, does not specifically prohibit demolition of the historic resources located therein. The design guidelines in place for the Overlay District do allow conversion of the historic single-family structures to non-residential use, but require new additions to be made toward the rear of the existing buildings.With the recent planning commission decision, the fear is that more property owners will simply opt to demolish historic structures within the Overlay District rather than work to retain the historic character by implementing development programs that utilize the existing buildings.As for the BF Tabbott House, one of the more intact structures along Ericksen Avenue, the remaining hope is that someone interested in relocating the house will come forward.