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Bush House

Status: Saved!

Year Listed: 2009

Location: Snohomish County

In 2002, Snohomish County revoked the Certificate of Occupancy for the circa 1889 Bush House Inn due to public safety concerns—leaving the inn vacant, structurally precarious, and facing inevitable roof failure. Of the five historic-era hotels that once served Index, the Bush House Inn stands as the last remaining.

In 2011, the Bush House was purchased by local couple Blair and Kathy Corson, who rescued it from certain loss with a new foundation, roof, restoration of original window configuration, and more. They were joined by partners Dan Kerlee and Carol Wollenberg in 2015 to complete the massive project of rehabilitating the beloved landmark, bringing it to current standards of comfort, safety, and convenience while maintaining its historic integrity. Thanks to the team’s efforts, the Bush House was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2017 and celebrated its full reopening in 2022. At over 130 years old, the hotel features 11 guest rooms and an outlying cabin, a ballroom/conference hall, lofted event room, café/bar, and space for a commercial kitchen and restaurant space. The project utilized the Washington State Special Valuation Tax Program to support rehabilitation.

For information on an overnight stay, visit: The Bush House Inn