Green Mountain Lookout

Status: SAVED!

Year Listed: 2011

Location: Snohomish County

Constructed in 1933, the Green Mountain Fire Lookout in the Glacier Peak National Wilderness Area is a rare example of a fire lookout remaining in its original location. In 2010, with support from local advocates, the United States Forest Service (USFS) completed a comprehensive rehabilitation of the lookout, addressing needed structural deficiencies. Following the rehabilitation, Wilderness Watch, a national group based in Montana, sued the USFS, arguing that by using a helicopter and making repairs to the lookout, the USFS violated stipulations of the Wilderness Act that prohibit the use of motorized vehicles in designated Wilderness Areas and prohibit new building construction. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has filed an amicus brief in support of the USFS, with the Washington Trust, the Darrington Historical Society, and the Forest Fire Lookout Association serving as co-signatories. If Wilderness Watch is successful in its lawsuit, the USFS may be forced to remove the lookout. It could also set the course for future treatment of historic structures/resources in Wilderness Areas nationwide.