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Kelley Farm

Year Listed: 2006

Location: Pierce County

The Kelley Farm sits on the site of one of the earliest Donation Land Claims in eastern Pierce County: 160 acres given to Reuben Ashford Finnell in 1853. Finell abandoned this claim, which William Barton Kelley purchased in 1864 along with 40 additional acres. The Kelley Farm also has pre-pioneer significance as the site is located along the historic Naches Trail. The configuration of the present farm includes a c. 1910 farmhouse, a smaller residence, a barn and six additional outbuildings spread over a 50-acre parcel.

Local advocates nominated the farm to the Most Endangered list over fear of inappropriate development plans proposed for the site. Recognizing the historic value of the location, however, the owners opted to highlight the site’s significance and market its historic importance. Today, the Kelley Farm serves as a spectacular events venue, featuring a restored barn, main house, and several outbuildings. Learn more about the Kelley Farm.