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Our Lady of the Assumption/St. Urban’s Church

Status: Saved!

Year Listed: 2004

Location: Lewis County

Originally known as Our Lady of the Assumption, this tiny church now referred to as St. Urban’s, is one of three mission churches established in the Cowlitz Mission by the Catholic Church. St. Urban was a German/Swiss community, which at one time possessed a small store, a grange hall, a school, this church, and a cemetery. Built in 1891 with the help of several pioneer families, it is the only remaining structure of the original community settled by the Ruther, Meier, Waller, and Bremgartner families. The lovely interior still contains relics and framed documents dating back to 1891 and the early 1900s. Original statues and stations of the cross all remain, as well as a pump organ in the choir loft.