RevitalizeWA 2021 Host Proposal

Application to host one of the sites of the 2021 RevitalizeWA Roadshow event. Due March 26, 2021

  • Host Organization

  • Success Stories

  • Venues

    Please list of one session venue with capacity for 50 attendees (COVID-19 restrictions actual capacity will likely need to be greater). Please provide an alternate session venue if available. Please provide one happy hour venue, preferably with outdoor options.
  • If not provided by facility, please indicate host community’s plan for renting/borrowing and setting-up necessary A/V equipment (laptop, projector, screen, sound and microphones).
  • Please summarize the details of a proposed alternative venue.
  • Please propose one happy hour venue, preferably with outdoor options.
  • Sessions & Tours

  • TopicLocal speaker(s)Other details 
  • Tour siteTopics coveredTour leader(s) and title/qualificationsLength of time needed for tour (if known) 
  • Other

  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 50 MB.
      Please provide a letter of support, signed by your organization’s (local Main Street Community) board president indicating the board’s support and enthusiasm for this proposal.