RevitalizeWA Conference: Colville

“Colville is a beautiful town with some excellent turn of the century buildings in an amazing natural setting.  It is the hub of outdoor recreation in the area.  We have a wonderful hiking and biking trail system just a few miles from downtown, the Colville Mountain Trail system.”

Rosemary Shaw, Colville Together

Conference Details

Roadshow host day: Thursday, September 30

Platform Opens: 8:30 am-9:00 am

Sessions: 9:15 am-3:00 pm

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We hope you can use our recommendations on your next road trip to visit Colville and nearby Main Street communities.

Recommended Lodging

Sightseeing and Day Trips

Explore Colville’s main street

Downtown Colville is a unique and beautiful place, with a fantastic variety of building styles and types. With plenty of places to shop, eat, and drink, Colville’s wide, walkable Main Street is a great place to explore—and an easy home base for amazing outdoor recreation like hiking and biking. Learn more about what to do in Colville from Colville Together’s directory

Historic driving tour from Laurier to Spokane

Follow the upper portions of the Columbia River that were flooded when the Grand Coulee dam was constructed as you drive this 120 mile, 2.5 hour driving route from Laurier to Spokane (or vice versa). You’ll explore charming small towns, historic rock structures built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, and—with an optional side trip— Washington’s highest mountain pass in the remote Colville National Forest.

Historic points of interest in Colville

Shaped by the surrounding highlands and mountains, Colville is a town with a rich and colorful history. Learn more about the raucuous brawling and gun-fighting of Colville’s gold rush days, the historic Opera House, its history of transportation and agriculture, and more through this historic overview and tour of Colville

Main Street Community on your way: Wenatchee

If you want a sneak peek of our 2022 conference host (spoiler!!), stop through downtown Wenatchee on your way to Colville. This award-winning downtown has it all – beautiful buildings, incredible small businesses, recreation opportunities galore, and people who work hard to build community every day. Leading the pack is the Wenatchee Downtown Association.

Main Street Community on your way: Moses Lake

Downtown Moses Lake is our “One to Watch.” This community, which is rich in mid-century architecture, has been reinvesting in its downtown, and it shows. Inviting the community downtown to enjoy the good things in life – including a cold one, live music, and time together – is what the Downtown Moses Lake Association is all about.