Past Heritage Barn Grant Awards

Preserving Heritage Barns

Since 2007, the Heritage Barn Grant Program has invested over $3,400,000 through more than 150 grants awarded to Heritage Barns across Washington. These funds assist with stabilization and rehabilitation projects designed for the long-term care and preservation of the barns’ structures and the state’s agricultural heritage. Throughout its life, the Heritage Barn Grant Program has leveraged over $4,100,000 in capital improvements and created more than 650 jobs across Washington.

This program is generously supported by funding from the Washington State Legislature. The grant program is housed within the Washington State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation (DAHP), and managed under contract by the Washington Trust.

Learn more about the past Heritage Barn Grant Program recipients, listed by biennium in the gallery below. For questions about this grant program or past recipients, please email us at gr****@pr********.org.