Heritage Barn Grant Reimbursement Process

Funds awarded through the Heritage Barn Grant Program are distributed on a reimbursement basis, meaning grant funds are not disbursed until after the work has been done.

Please Note: all grant payments made by the state to grant recipients will be reported to the IRS. Grant recipients are encouraged to speak to a tax professional to determine the impact for annual tax reporting.

Process to request reimbursement:

1. Become a “vendor” with the state so you can be issued a check. A W9 form was provided to you with your final contract documents, which needs to be sent the Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation. You will also need to fill out the vendor form online here.

Download W9 Form.

2. File the property easement with your county. The easement must first be notarized and then taken to your county auditor’s office to be filed along with your property deed. You will need to submit a copy of the recorded easement to grant staff as well.

3. Submit all invoices and itemized receipts, along with all proofs of payment. Invoices and itemized receipts detail the items purchased and/or work to be done. Proofs of payment show how the items or work was paid for, either with credit card receipts, cancelled/cashed checks, or in the case of paying in cash, a receipt indicating cash payment. If a credit card receipt is lost or an image of a cancelled/cashed check is not available, bank statements (with private/unrelated information redacted as needed) can be submitted as proof of payment. Please submit digital copies of all invoices and itemized receipts for each project expense, along with all proofs of payment.

4. Submit all forms for in-kind labor, materials, and/or equipment that was donated.

Labor: One form is needed for each person, each month of donated labor. Donated volunteer labor is valued at $15/hr and donated professional labor (carpenter, mason, etc.) is valued at market rates. If a professional is donating labor to your project, please provide a short description of that person’s professional qualifications and their rates on their business letterhead.

Download Donated Labor Form.

Equipment: For each equipment form, please also include an estimate/quote from a local company for the rental of comparable equipment to determine match value. A screen shot from a website showing the cost is also sufficient. Please note that if discounts are given for longer term rentals and the equipment is needed for that longer term, the discounted rate should be used.

Download Donated Equipment Form.

Materials: For all donated materials, please provide an estimate/quote from a local company for what it would cost to purchase the same material to determine match value.

Download Donated Materials Form.

5. Schedule a site visit. Once the documentation has been gathered, a site visit will be scheduled to inspect the work completed. Contact Jennifer Mortensen to set up this site visit.

6. Submit the Reimbursement Request Form. Program staff can work with grant recipients to complete the Reimbursement Request Form, after which all documentation will be forwarded to the Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation for processing.

Download Reimbursement Request Form.

All documentation should be submitted to Jennifer Mortensen via email. For any questions about this process, email Jennifer or call her at 206-462-2999.