Sivinski Grant Recipients

Progress Reporting

Grant recipients are required to submit progress reports throughout the duration of your project, which should be completed within one year of the award date. Reports are due July 1 of each year, if your project was not already completed in the first half of the year.

Valerie Sivinski Fund grant recipients are asked to provide regular reports to help monitor the progress of individual projects. Reports assist with grant administration, see that timelines are met, and relay information about any challenges to project implementation.

Progress Report Form

Grant Completion Report

Funds will be disbursed to grantees only upon submitting proof of work being accomplished as well as a Sivinski Fund grant completion report. Grant recipients must also remain as Washington Trust members in good standing until the time of project completion.

Grant projects should be completed within one year of the award date. If additional time is needed, grant awardees are required to notify Washington Trust staff in writing and provide a status report, otherwise grant funds will be forfeited.

Grant Completion Report Form