Affiliate Services

The Washington Main Street network includes two tiers, Communities and Affiliates. The purpose of the Affiliate level is to provide access to resources and networking opportunities for organizations that have an interest in revitalizing their downtown or neighborhood commercial district, but may not have the capacity at this time to meet the Washington State Main Street Community requirements. These services are offered with the goal of supporting Affiliate leadership and capacity-building.

  • Main Street Community Presentation – As a comprehensive economic development tool, the Main Street Approach™ is the foundation many communities in Washington and nationwide use to strengthen their historic downtown and commercial districts. This presentation provides an orientation to the Main Street Approach, its principles and structure, as well as an overview of the WA Main Street coordinating program and the support and services from WMS staff.
  • Strategic Plan on a Page – How do you get everyone in your organization on the same page? Put the vital information on a single one! Rather than creating a binder that sits on a shelf, this stream-lined strategic planning focuses on four core components: Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles, and Goals. WMS staff will facilitate your leadership team in developing each of these components and by the time you’ve finished your team will be on the same page and have a single document to share with potential partners, volunteers, and funders. For an example, please click here to see Olympia Downtown Association’s plan on a page.
  • Executive Director Search Support – Knowing the hiring of an executive director is a Main Street America standard and best practice, WA Main Street provides examples and advice on the process from developing a job description to sending an offer to your top candidate. This includes access to Washington’s Main Street executive director salary survey data to assist in budgeting for first-time staff.
  • Leadership Cohortsavailable Fall 2021. One of the greatest strengths of the Main Street is the collaboration between a network of your peers who are all focused on strengthening their downtowns. Beginning in Fall 2021, Affiliate leadership teams (pairs or small groups from several Affiliates) will come together in cohorts to discuss Main Street best practices with facilitation from the WMS Main Street Specialist.

Affiliates and start-up programs, please reach out to Main Street Specialist Jonelle McCoy at 509-202-4299 or by email.