MW-NHA Resources


Want to do a deeper dive into the Maritime Washington National Heritage Area? Check out the resources below!

Management Plan

The Management Plan for Maritime Washington—currently going through a series of reviews by the National Park Service and Secretary of the Interior—charts the course ahead for this new program, outlining vision, goals, strategies, and policies for Maritime Washington.

Overview Flyer

Looking for a quick overview of the Maritime Washington National Heritage Area? Download this one-page flyer for a summary of what the heritage area is all about.

This Place Maritime Issue

Check out the Washington Trust’s latest issue of This Place magazine, themed around the new Maritime Washington National Heritage Area. This themed issue features stories from throughout the heritage area, ranging from Grays Harbor Historical Seaport to a Port Townsend sail loft to an oyster farm outside Bellingham—and everything in between. Get a taste of the diverse and fascinating stories, organizations, and people that help make up the new Maritime Washington NHA

2010 Feasibility Study

In 2010, the Washington State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation joined forces with leaders across the Washington maritime heritage’s community to submit a formal feasibility study to the National Park Service, laying the foundation for the creation of the Maritime Washington National Heritage Area.

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