Beverly Bridge Rehabilitation

Fund the Beverly Bridge in the 2019-2021 state budget!

In conjunction with partner organizations across the state, the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation is working to advocate for the rehabilitation of the Beverly Bridge in Central Washington, which spans the Columbia River along the former Milwaukee Railroad route.

Project Fact Sheet

Since the railroad’s closure in the 1980s, much of the old Milwaukee Road has been converted to the 285-mile-long Palouse to Cascades Trail – part of an effort by conservation, recreation, and preservation advocates to create a statewide greenway trail system. The Beverly Bridge currently sits as the pivotal missing piece that would connect east and west – it was never developed into a usable public byway and has also suffered fire damage. Rehabilitation of the Beverly Bridge represents a critical investment in Washington State tourism all along the trail, while continuing to enrich the recreational lives of Washingtonians.

Washington State Governor Inslee has proposed $5,146,000 in the 2019-2021 state budget for the rehabilitation of this important structure. With an additional $429,000 in anticipated local funds, the total to rehabilitate the bridge and convert it to recreational use is $5,575,000. Now the governor’s budget recommendations are headed to the state legislature for approval. Contact your legislators and tell them you support the funding of the Beverly Bridge rehabilitation efforts!

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