Studio TJP

Studio TJP delivers insightful, meticulous residential and commercial architectural designs that are ecologically, socially, and fiscally responsible across a wide range of project types, sizes and budgets. We develop beautiful details and fluidly adapt to our client’s evolving needs and desires, designing structures that gracefully endure.

A deep-seated knowledge of architectural history informs our use of modern, innovative architectural design, building processes, and materials. Taking the long view, we consider how resources will be used over time to enable built environments that last, adapt, and meet principles of universal design and accessibility. Throughout the design and building process, from inception to project completion, we provide guidance. Crafted to be thoughtful and eco- friendly, our designs bring grace and enjoyment into every space.

Categories: Architects, Preservation Consultants – Research, Documentation, Survey, & Nominations, Preservation Consultants – Feasibility Studies/Building Assessment

Region: Statewide, Oregon


1212 NE 65th Street, Seattle, WA 98115