We’re so excited to celebrate our third annual Washington Main Street Week next week, June 9-15. Main Street embodies the heart and spirit of our communities, and it’s particularly special to be celebrating 40 years of Main Street in Washington State this year.

From social media campaigns to in-person events, local Main Street organizations across the state will be celebrating Main Street Week in myriad ways. Keep an eye on your local Main Street community’s communications to join the fun! We also encourage you to tell your Main Street what they mean to you, shop local, and maybe even grab some ice cream or a drink downtown—it’s a celebration, after all!

Celebrate with us!

There are many ways to celebrate Main Street Week! Here are some ideas:

  1. Support local downtown businesses throughout the week by dining, shopping, or even just writing a friendly review.
  2. Share your own story on social media about why your downtown matters to you (make sure to tag @preservewa and @WashingtonMainStreet on Facebook and @preservewa on Instagram).
  3. Volunteer for your local Main Street organization (find a directory of Main Street organizations in our network here).

Main Street’s Impacts Are Many

Main Street’s impacts reach far beyond the standard economic returns on investment (though those are still worth writing home about!) and are oftentimes far downstream from the source. When we take a look at the everyday work of local Main Street organizations, we see that building civic pride, encouraging people to step up into leadership roles, supporting the dreams of entrepreneurs, and fostering spaces and places where people connect and live their lives together—these actions all have downstream impacts that make our communities stronger, in little ways and in big.

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