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Washington’s designated Main Street Communities are found in towns large and small, in all corners of the state. What binds them is their desire to create lasting change in their respective communities through implementation of the Main Street Approach. Learn more about becoming a Main Street Community here.

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The State Program is a partner, but true revitalization success is built squarely on local commitment, initiative, and follow-through. Recognizing that Washington communities interested in revitalization have a variety of situations and needs, the Washington Main Street Network has two designation options:

Main Street Community

The purpose of the Main Street Community level is to provide access to resources, networking opportunities, training and advanced resources and opportunities to communities who have an independent 501c3 or 501c6 nonprofit organization dedicated solely to downtown revitalization. These organizations have committed the necessary time and training to develop community support, financial and human resources and are implementing the Main Street Approach.

Tools unique to Washington Main Street Communities include access to quarterly leadership meetings, progress visits, and the Main Street Tax Credit Incentive Program.

Organizations seeking Main Street Community designation are asked to submit a non-binding statement of interest via email by June 1, 2022.

Download the application to be a Main Street Community


The purpose of the Affiliate level is to provide access to resources and networking opportunities for organizations that have an interest in revitalizing their downtown or neighborhood commercial district, but may not have the capacity at this time to meet the Washington State Main Street Community requirements.

Download the application to be an Affiliate


Note: To avoid errors and lost data, please download the form to your computer and fill it out using Adobe Reader (which you can download and install for free).

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