House Bill 1042 – Building Reuse

This bill would streamline the process for converting existing buildings to housing, limiting the ability of local government to add additional requirements/permitting conditions. Conceptually, we believe this is a good idea to encourage reuse of existing buildings. We are grateful that the substitute bill voted out of the House by a 96-0 vote includes language allowing for local review of projects seeking to convert buildings into housing that are listed as local landmarks or as part of a local historic district. This will enable conversion projects to take advantage of important state incentive programs that promote rehabilitation of historic resources. The bill recently had a hearing in the Senate Committee on Housing. We would like to see this language retained as the Committee on Housing considers a vote on this bill.

Our Position: Adopt Engrossed Substitute HB 1042 with provisions that allow local historic preservation commissions to review housing conversion projects involving locally designated historic buildings and local historic districts.

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