House Bill 1110/Senate Bill 5910 – Missing Middle

This bill would remove single-family zones in cities across the state, allowing by right development of up to four units per lot on all lots zoned for residential use in cities with/near larger population centers. This increases to six units if two of the six units are affordable. It also allows development of at least six units per lot in all residential zones within a half-mile of a major transit stop.

Nothing in the bill precludes a city from applying administrative design review standards to middle housing. Regardless, we feel it is important for the bill to explicitly clarify that nothing would prohibit a city or local historic preservation commission from reviewing and approving proposed development projects within local historic districts.

HB 1110 passed out of the House Committee on Housing with an amendment, but the amendment did not address historic resources.

Similarly, SB 5190 passed out of the Senate Committee on Housing with the same amendment.

Our Position: Adopt an amendment for HB 1110/SB 5190 that affirms the authority of a city or local historic preservation commission to review proposed development projects involving locally listed historic resources or within local historic districts.

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Please contact your legislator to voice your support for including consideration of local historic resources in HB 1110 / SB 5190. Find sample text and more information here.