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Welcome to the WMS Community ED Hub! This is your one-stop shop for your most frequently used links and resources, upcoming events, your full yearlong calendar, and more. Have fun exploring!

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Meet the WMS Team

As your state coordinating program team, we are excited to provide you with support, guidance, and a listening ear. Feel free to reach out by phone or email with all of your questions, concerns, ideas, and celebrations.

Breanne Durham
WMS Director

Jonelle McCoy
Main Street Specialist

Lydia Felty
Resources Coordinator

Luke Hallowell
Economic Vitality Specialist

Michelle Thompson
Design Specialist

Your primary point of contact for everything from general questions about Main Street to best practices for working with your board, businesses, and volunteers. Also available for venting, processing, and celebrating wins!

Focuses on Affiliates and start-ups. As an accredited Community, you may not be reaching out to Jonelle much, but you’ll certainly get to know her at events and trainings.

Wondering how other Main Streets have tackled a specific issue or looking for placemaking research? Questions about the MSTCIP, planning grants, or events and trainings? Lydia’s your gal!

EV extraordinaire! Reach out to Luke about all things EV — resources, support, data analysis, and more — as well as quarterly reports.

Michelle is the Certified Local Government Coordinator for the state Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation (WMS is a program of DAHP). Reach out to Michelle with your design and CLG questions!  

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*Main Street Community directors are required to attend a minimum of 2/3 of leadership meetings each year. A board member can attend one of the meetings on your behalf, if needed. Main Street Community directors must attend the annual state conference.

See WAC 25-50-050-3 for more information about participation and reporting requirements.